Oyster Mushroom Pickle / Thokku


🍀Fresh oyster mushroom pickle is spectacularly tasty and is bursting with flavour.
🍀It can be served with all Indian meals, add to daals and curries and use it to spice up your rice! Enjoy the original taste of India.
🍀It can be served not only for curry rice but also for regular steamed rice. Serve it with dosas and idlis but there really is no limit as to what you can dip into it. French bread, veggies you name it, it works.
🍀It’s lip-smackingly good, an addictive pickle that can be slathered over toast, used as a dip with chips or corn chips and a side with paratha, and rotis.
🍀A dash of immunity-boosting lime to help keep your body’s defences high.

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What’s important to note is that this variety of mushroom might pack in a punch when it comes to flavour, but it’s equally beneficial when it comes to your health.

🍀Given that it’s low on starch and sodium, it’s fairly good for those with diabetes and obesity problems.

🍀The statins in the mushroom also help to lower cholesterol.

🍀And on top of that it can control anemia, hyperacidity, and boost immunity too.

🍀The oyster mushroom contains anti-oxidants, and is rich in zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins including B1, B2, C, Folic Acid, and Niacin.

🍀In fact, it’s reported to contain more iron that what’s present in meat, and various research studies state that potassium keeps your heart functioning correctly.

🍀Plus the presence of the anti-bacterial, Benzaldeyde, enables the strengthening of immunity.

🍀In addition to being highly nutritious, they may promote heart and immune system health, encourage healthy blood sugar control, and provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

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