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Seeds Type : Non-Hybrid, Non-Treated And Non-GMO
Seeds that Require socking for 8-12 Hours In Cold Water : Peas, Fenugreek
Growing Medium : Cocopeat / Soil

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Take a flat shallow tray or a garden pot that is atleast 4-5 inches deep.

Fill it with clean potting/garden soil mixed with some manure or vermicompost.

Spread the seeds evenly and densely on the soil surface and cover them with a thin layer of soil (or sand).

Allow the seeds to germinate for 3-4 days, keeping them in shade.

Expose your seedlings to sunlight and air as and when most of them start to sprout from the soil surface.

Find a balcony or a kitchen spot that receives good sun and air.

You can use fresh garden soil, cleaned of any impurities or pebbles. Microgreens also grow well in hydroponics.

Microgreens need 4-5 hours of good sunlight. A bright sunny spot near a window or a kitchen shelf is an ideal one.

Water this plant regularly without letting the soil dry out completely. Water should not splash on the tiny seeds directly. The soil is to be kept moist from the sides using a water spray or a can. Prefer watering your microgreens twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening, depending on the room temperature.

Microgreens are easy to grow and the harvest gets ready in around 7-12 days.

The shoots can grow upto 3 inches long, but can be harvested early according to your requirement.

Take a sharp scissor or knife and cut the shoots just above the soil surface carefully, without affecting the roots.

Make sure to not harvest your crop immediately after watering the plant. Keep the medium dry 4-5 hours before the harvest.

Rinse the cut shoots with warm water and consume immediately for maximum benefits.

They can be stored in the refrigerator in an air tight container; keeping in mind that they lose their nutritional value with time.

Decompose the used soil and collect fresh soil when you plan to grow the next batch of your microgreens.

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Alfalfa green, Amaranthus Green, Amaranthus red, Betroot, Broccoli, Cilantro, Clover, fenugreek, Green mustard, Kohilrabi purple, Pak choi, Peas, Purple radish, Radish, Red cabbage, Spinach, Sunflower, Turnip


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