Cocopeat Powder


🍀Cocopeat Powder good for growing Microgreens
🍀High water holding capacity
🍀Promotes strong root growth
🍀Suitable for indoor-outdoor and hanging plants

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🍀Ready to Use Cocopeat powder good for growing microgreens
🍀Cocopeat powder may be added to an extent of 20-50 % by volume to the potting mixture.
🍀Cocopeat powder increases the porosity of the potting mix. This helps to keep the soil loose and airy helping in better root growth. Better root growth results in better plant growth and higher yield. Coco peat increases the water holding capacity of the potting mix even as it increases the porosity of the soil
🍀Cocopeat powder is an excellent growing medium for home & lawn garden plants. It is widely used with potted plants & also it is one of the best media for seed germination. It improves aeration in the soil for optimal root growth while maintaining the ideal nutrient availability for plants

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