Wild Arugula

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Wild arugula is an excellent source of vitamin K to help with wound healing and vitamin A to strengthen the immune system, protect against vision loss, and improve skin complexion. The greens also contain vitamin C to reduce inflammation, potassium to regulate fluid levels within the body, and calcium to strengthen bones. Beyond vitamins and minerals, Wild arugula is believed to contain glucosinolates, which are compounds that give the greens their bitter flavor and are said to help in disease prevention.

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Wild arugula consists of small, jagged leaves, averaging 7 to 20 centimeters in length, that grow in bunches surrounding slender, upright stalks with bright yellow flowers. The leaves are elongated, dark green, narrow, and deeply lobed with lightly serrated edges. The surface also bears prominent veining that connects into the central, pale green stem. Wild arugula has a crisp consistency with an intense, pungent flavor containing sweet and bitter notes of pepper, nuts, horseradish, and pine. It is important to note that the sharp, zingy taste of Wild arugula is more robust than common arugula and should be used sparingly in culinary dishes.

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