Ginger Tea Powder

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Ginger tea is a non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated, and virtually calorie-free drink (unless you add a sweetener). So, it’s a great option if you’re cutting back on any of the above. Ginger tea aids digestion, helps soothe upset stomachs, and can reduce nausea.

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    Boosts immunity
    In these tough times, the only thing we can do to keep ourselves safe and healthy is by taking care of our immunity.
    With no treatment for the novel coronavirus yet, experts and doctors are encouraging people to keep their immunity up and tight.
    You might not know, ginger tea can do wonders on this area As per studies, ginger has volatile oils, which have anti-inflammatory properties similar to that of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This makes ginger an excellent remedy for headache, flu and even menstrual pain.
    People suffering from osteoarthritis also have claimed that regular consumption of ginger tea has lowered their medication intake.
    Ginger also helps boost the digestive system, which is the first step to stay healthy and stay in shape.
    In a tweet, Ministry of Ayush said, “Ginger from your kitchen can go a long way in keeping diseases at bay. The humble ginger not only adds flavour to your dishes but also serves up numerous health benefits.

    Relieve nausea
    Drinking a cup of ginger tea before travelling can help prevent the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. You can also drink a cuppa at the first sign of nausea to relieve the symptom.

    Improve stomach performance
    Useful in improving digestion and increasing absorption of food, ginger tea can bloating after eating too much.
    Reduce inflammation

    Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that make it an ideal home remedy for muscle and joint problems. In addition to drinking ginger tea, you can also use it to soak inflamed joints.
    Fight respiratory problems

    Ginger tea can help relieve congestion associated with the common cold. Try a cup of ginger tea for the respiratory symptoms associated with environmental allergies.

    Improve blood circulation
    The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in ginger tea can help restore and improve blood circulation that may help decrease the chance of cardiovascular problems. Ginger may prevent fat from depositing in the arteries helping to prevent heart attacks and stroke.

    Relieve menstrual discomfort
    This one is for all women suffering from menstrual cramps. Try soaking a towel in warm ginger tea and apply it to your lower abdomen. It may help relieve the pain and relax the muscles. At the same time, drink a cup of ginger tea with honey.
    Relieve stress Ginger tea has calming properties that may help lower your stress and tension. This is thought to be due to a combination of the strong aroma and healing properties.




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