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    Choose our subscription plan in simple steps.
    – Pick your box size
    – Select your Microgreen (1 – 4)
    – Customize the box with the required Microgreens
    – Select the date of delivery
    On the date of delivery, we deliver fresh Microgreens of your choice ready for you to consume directly from the farm.
    What will you receive?
    From the chosen varieties of microgreens and sprouts, we will deliver equal quantities of all chosen types of Microgreens and sprouts every week during the subscription period.
    Note: You have the option to choose one or more than one type of Microgreens.
  • Our box contains 100 gms of your selected fresh microgreens, and 200 grams of Selected fresh sprouts
  • Delivery charges are applicable for single orders
  • Final prices are calculated on your checkout screen
  • Use these fresh greens on your salads, sandwiches or toss them on your stir-fried vegetables.

    4 Weeks, 8 Weeks, 12 Weeks


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    Organically Grown

    Pesticide Free

    Non GMO

    Non Hybrid

    FSSAI Certified

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